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Welcome to Dauphine Model United Nations!

Dauphine Model United Nations (Dauphine MUN) is the United Nations simulation society of Paris-Dauphine University.

What's MUN? 

Model United Nations (MUN), an activity officially recognized by the United Nations (UN), is an exercise in committee work as practiced in the UN General Assembly. In addition to familiarising students with procedures, standards and how international agencies operate, this simulation leads delegates to deepen their knowledge of country positions on particular global topics addressed within committees.
The events organized by Dauphine Model United Nations aim to develop knowledge of the functioning of the United Nations, practice diplomacy and international negotiations, as well as fluency in oral and written communication in English. They also allow its members to meet and exchange with students from all over the world as part of the MUN international family.


A letter from the president

‘We the people of the United Nations determined…’

This is how the Charter of the United Nations preamble begins, signed in 1945 by 50 member states, whose number has steadily increased since, counting today 193 Nations.

Aiming to unify what were once divided nations, the United Nations was founded with the ultimate goal of maintaining peace and international security; ensuring that the crimes of World War I and II, atrocities which sullied the history of the 20th century never happen again.

Terrorism, humanitarian crises, political instabilities, hunger strikes, wars, natural disasters, economic and financial crises and most recently, a global pandemic… In an ever-changing world, the UN must constantly face new threats and challenges. Alone, the likelihood of the Nations solving these issues would be infinitesimal – yet their cooperation helps overcome these difficulties and turn the ideal of peace into reality.

At our level, our ambition is to ponder on these issues and think about their solutions as actors of tomorrow. Dauphine MUN aims to promote dynamic reasoning and debates through the help of fervent students. Being the representative of a country whose position aligns with our hearts is galvanising. Yet defending interests contrary to our beliefs with the same passion and determination is what makes these experiences even more rewarding.

Paris-Dauphine University is and has always been in line with an international vision. Its campus used to host the former NATO Secretariat General. It thus seemed only logical for a student society promoting universal values to be represented within - the Dauphine Model United Nations association was then created in 2015, gathering motivated, passionate, inspired and inspiring students. And thanks to the partnership with the ‘Comité Interuniversitaire des Nations Unies de Paris’ (CINUP), Dauphine MUN offers each year unforgettable adventures in Paris, France or worldwide.

Whether you represent the United States or Fiji, being part of a committee and having your voice heard helps to bring the cultural and mental enrichment that MUNs provide to students. But Dauphine MUN is also about traveling, making improbable and unforgettable encounters with students from every corner of the world and thus opening one's mind.

The pride of participating in MUNs is the confirmation of the potential our generation displays. We are the future, and the solutions provided in these models are thoughtful, responsible, and ingenious. In a world that is constantly changing, it is comforting to be an actor for positive forces - international cooperation and the involvement in finding real solutions.

Finally, to quote Kofi Annan, 7th Secretary General and 2001 Nobel Peace Prize, "More than ever before in human history, we share a common destiny. We can master it only if we face it together. And that, my friends, is why we have the United Nations."

                                                                                             Meghna Bhaugeerutty,

President of Dauphine Model United Nations

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We are a student-led university society split in different teams.


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The programme is separated in multiple projects - from a university level to an international scale.


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