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The governance of the association is ensured first of all by its executive committee:

  • President: Meghna Bhaugeerutty

  • Secretary General: Célia Voyeau

  • Treasurer: Céline Monneret

Then, five groups actively help the executive committee with the organization of various projects:
•    The training team prepares and organizes all the trainings at Paris-Dauphine University, as well as the mini-MUNs in partnership with fellow MUN associations in Paris,
•    The events team organises team building events to strengthen ties between association members, as well as fundraising events (bake sales, among others),
•    The communication team is in charge of keeping the students of Dauphine informed of the association’s events, as well as feeding the Facebook page with news related to the work of the United Nations,
•    The finance and fundraising team is responsible for preparing applications for subsidies and new sponsorships, as well as maintaining relations with current public and private sponsors,
•    The conference team coordinates the sending of a delegation of Dauphine students to various international conferences, which notably consists in logistical organization by registering the members of the association and organizing the trip, to London or Oxford, among others.
Although all members are not assigned to a specific team, all are actively involved in the development of the association and its activities, by attending training sessions and conferences, and by always offering new ideas (debating topics, public speaking activities, new conferences, …) for our student society. It is the commitment and motivation of each member that keeps the association alive!