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The training sessions, which take place at the university, are an opportunity for our members to familiarise themselves with the specific skills required for MUNs. They bring our members together for a few hours to discuss a specific topic, with the aim of practising and immersing themselves in the world of the United Nations. The training sessions are a good first approach to the MUN, and enable members of the association to gain self-confidence.

The inter-school conferences, known as "mini-MUNs", give students from the Dauphiné region the opportunity to debate and compare notes with students from other MUN associations in Paris over the course of a day. They are an excellent opportunity to go further than in training, to develop/reinforce the skills needed to take part in MUNs and to meet students from other schools and universities.

Throughout the year, members of the association take part in larger-scale MUN conferences, organised both nationally (Paris, Lille, Lyon, etc.) and internationally (London, Boston, New York, Rome, etc.). Carefully selected by our members, these conferences last several days and are the association's flagship activity: all the year's activities are aimed at preparing members to take part in these conferences. 

Dauphine MUN is also part of the Paris Inter-University Committee of the United Nations (CINUP), which is responsible for organising PIMUN, the Paris International Model United Nations. This conference welcomes over 600 delegates from all over the world for 5 days at the end of May each year. Association members can choose to be part of the team that organises the conference (known as the "secretariat", like at the United Nations!), or to take part as a delegate.


Finally, over the coming year, our association intends to develop a number of new projects. Since geopolitics is based on international cooperation and dialogue, we will be organising conferences featuring speakers from the international scene, so that the Dauphine students community can benefit from them and, at the same time, the United Nations can become more firmly rooted in Dauphine life.


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